Why I’m Running for Mayor

If you are like me, you are socially liberal and fiscally conservative.

I am running because I looked at the candidate choices to run our city of Saint Paul and could not identify a fiscal conservative. I saw many fiscal liberals and a few social conservatives. Both create more government.

My message is simple. I am running for Mayor of Saint Paul to lower taxes. This will grow the city and make it more livable. This will create jobs and let workers have more money. This creates more affordable housing and transit options.

We begin by putting a stop to the mismanagement of YOUR hard earned money. Saint Paul has been wastefully overspending on frivolous projects instead of basic services. Let’s stop taking from the poor for the sake of the rich.

I commit to an audit and cost-benefit analysis of every regulation, department, program, and proposal with a simple barometer. If it lowers your property tax I will support it. If it raises your property tax I will oppose it.

No new taxes. No new mandates. We have plenty of both. We can thrive more with less. If something in our city needs more money it must be reallocated from another source that needs less. That source is not you.